The Future of Mining


Cunningham Mining Ltd. extends a warm welcome to the Nugget Trap gold placer mining project, situated in British Columbia, Canada. Our team meticulously chose the Nugget Trap Site after an exhaustive search for projects meeting three crucial criteria. First and foremost, we sought a project in a mining-friendly country and territory. Canada, historically supportive of mining, boasts vast mineral resources and a wealth of knowledgeable mine personnel for extraction. British Columbia, with its legendary gold mining history, particularly within the famed "Golden Triangle," places our project in a tier 1 location. The second desired characteristic for this project search was a concentration of gold and accessible placer deposits. The Nugget Trap Mine demonstrated gold concentrations of 25 grams/metric ton during the 25-pit assay testing. High concentrations of silver were also present, a common feature in Golden Triangle area mines. Deep mining is unnecessary for high concentration recovery on the Nugget Trap Project, making it ideal for operational profitability. Samples were taken only from the surface down to four feet for our testing. This shallow mining allows for significantly lower operational costs than deep mining, as well as an expedited timeline for gold recovery. In terms of desirability for gold mining, a proven area of high concentration, tested and proven but not commercially exploited, is extremely rare. The Nugget Trap Placer Project fits this description. Initially tested in the 1930s but never commercially mined, the project is located near significant gold mining operations, including the famed Eskay Mine and Seabridge Gold's KSM Project, boasting a reported 40 million ounces of proven gold. It's uncommon to find such a prospect that remains unexploited commercially in historical terms. Given the recent increase in gold prices, this prospect has become a rarity. The lower costs of placer mining, combined with the Nugget Trap's proven premier locale, make the prospect superior to the majority of other projects.